Stefan Klokgieters

I'm Stefan Klokgieters and am Software Development Manager at Studyportals where I'm helping to build the best study choice platforms possible!

I'm a highly organized and detail-oriented person who attaches great value to honest and open communication on both a private as professional level. People often describe me as a loyal, rational, strong communicator, and a leader who cares about people while loving a laugh. I try to always leave things better behind than the way I found them, something which is also a life motto for me.

I really love building products that not only look great but also really make a difference. Making data-informed decisions while doing so can make the difference as we are operating in an ever-changing environment which is constantly in flux.

Since I have a sitting profession, I try to get enough exercise during my weekly kickboxing training. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, something that we often tend to forget.

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Mobile First

Creating awesome mobile first experiences is what a really stand for. When you talk about responsive design people often only think about the lay-out aspect but it's much more. In particular, the differences in user behavior, progressive web app support and page performance.

Performance Optimization

Like most of you know, a well thought and slick looking website doesn't necessarily "perform" well. Page speed is just as important as having a nice looking website which facilitates a good user experience. Therefore, I am focusing a lot at Studyportals on our overall page performance, something I really enjoy!

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