Stefan Klokgieters

I'm Stefan Klokgieters and am Lead developer - Front-end at StudyPortals where I'm helping to build the best study choice platforms possible!

I really love building online products which not only look well but also work great. Mobile is really my thing, in particular mobile first combined with well thought responsive design patterns. Lately I'm also experimenting a lot with Progressive Web Apps and Service Workers to see how I can increase user engagement within our online products.

In my spare time I watch a lot of movies and series, especially sci-fi and action-adventure. But off course the occasional sitcom is also highly appreciated. Furthermore, I love to cook and sometimes experiment while doing so.

Since being a developer is a sitting profession I try to get enough exercise during my weekly Muay Thai trainings. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, something that we often tend to forget.

Mobile First

Creating awesome mobile first experiences is what a really stand for. When you talk about responsive design people often only think about the lay-out aspect but it's much more. In particular, the differences in user behavior, progressive web app support and page performance.

Performance Optimization

Like most of you know, a well thought and slick looking website doesn't necessarily "perform" well. Page performance is just as important as having a nice looking website which facilitates a good user experience. Therefore, I am focusing a lot at StudyPortals on our overall page performance, something I really enjoy!

Admission Chance

In my scrum team, the "The Ultimate Avengers", we work hard on building the right tools that will enable the students to choose studies that match them best. After students narrowed down their search via a traditional search based on we jump in. Based on their previous searches we will show them their admission chance for particular studies based on their qualifications.